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    The optometrists at Himalaya Optical offer state of art digital eye examination using modern Auto Refractometers, a very quick and simple method of evaluating the refractive error for subtle and progressive changes. The system allows us to perform accurate and precise eye glass prescriptions in less than half of the time of the conventional method. Because of its speed & superior performance, the optometrists can spend more time discussing your vision care needs & goals.

    The never ending struggle to bring the latest technology puts the Himalaya at the forefront of technology in vision care industry. The system allows our optometrists to refine your eyeglass and contact lens prescription and lessens the amount of decision making the patient has when answering the most annoying questions "which is better? Better with 1 or better with 2?"

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    Computers are now accepted as an integral part of our lifestyle, restricting the movement of body as well as limiting the viewing range. The result is a new epidemic – computer vision syndrome, a widely spreading but largely unknown epidemic among computer users.

    Today computer-related eyestrain is considered as theNo. 1 office health complaint in youth. Despite the large numbers of young people affected by long hours at a computer – many of them have not heard of Computer Vision Syndrome. This is an alarming condition. Most people working on computer presents similar symptoms and can be treated at our CVS Clinic. Our specialist optometrist will test their eyes keeping in mind their computer related symptoms & provide suitable remedy.

    For any further assistance mail : corporate@himalayaoptical.com

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    Efficiency of our visual system depends on efficiency of eyes, brain and the connection between the two. Any disturbance in this system may lead to Strabismus or Amblyopia.

    In strabismus or crossed eyes, eyes are not in alignment . One eye may turn in or out, up or down, or may wander in several directions. It may be present all the time or may manifest only when a person is tired, ill, or concentrating intensely on objects.

    In amblyopia or lazy eye one or both eyes stop functioning properly and the brain ignores or suppresses signals from poor eye.

    Both Strabismus and Amblyopia can be treated, depending on the severity of the problem. An orthoptist trains the visual system to gain greater coordination and control so that both eyes can work as a team.

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    An Ocular Prosthesis is an artificial device that is placed in the empty eye socket to maintain its shape and is matched with the fellow good eye. An artificial eye is handicrafted by the Ocularist - a highly skilled specialist. The eye is crafted to match precisely the natural eye.

    Made with medical grade plastic, it fits under the eyelids much like a large contact lens and moves to a great extent with the fellow eye, resembling nearer to the natural eye. They are custom made and play a very important role in the development of orbits of children with empty socket.

    Our ocularist is specially trained in impression taking technique to design and make prosthesis for one eyed people.

    himalaya_optical_service_prosthesis himalaya_optical_service_prosthesis_clinic himalaya_optical_service_prosthesis_clinic
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    Sports are highly visually demanding occupation. Research has shown that even small visual deficiency in one eye can ruin the game of the athletes. Visual problems that are not explained and understood can have profound implications on athletes performance. Sporting success relies on visual efficiency, vision is the first source of information. A delay in receiving the information implies delay in response which in turn may lead to compromise in performance.

    Our Sportsvision optometrist focuses mainly on this aspect to assess the players and athletes of highest level, relate their visual deficiency to their sporting performance and try to establish a reason for vision training to improve sporting ability. This is very critical at the highest level where difference between winner and loser not much.

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    Our low vision clinic is fully dedicated to the functional vision assessment of partially sighted people. We never say " nothing more can be done" to a partially sighted, rather we evaluate their residual vision and train them how to use it with the help of gadgets like magnifier, telescopes, visors, contact lenses, CCTV etc.

    The examination conducted is success oriented, i.e, typical low vision evaluation is not aimed to convince the patient that his vision is poor, rather the patient is convinced that he has vision which is worth using and throughout the procedure the optometrist reinforces this idea. The desired end of the evaluation procedure is the prescription of low vision aid or service that will help the patient to some degree.

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