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    Just as you use words to frame your thoughts, our frames express your personality. Whatever be the occassion, whatever be your mood, there is that perfect pair of glasses designed just for you. We work around the specifics of your occupation, recreational activities, and your personal style statement so as to cater to your desire for the right frame. We, at Himalaya, are old-world opticians equipped with modern technology and design, always providing you quality with style.
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    We respect your budget and believe that eyewear is one of the most important needs with no alternative. If you find that there's not too much money left at the end of the month, eyewear is not something you have to be compromising on. At Himalaya, you'll find economical, yet classy frames that will keep both, you and your pocket happy!
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    Minimum weight, maximum flexibility and unbeatable strength - that spells out the formula for our sporty frames. Our strong gallery of sports frames is designed to reduce heat and moisture when they are on your eyes. Designed in straight temples with especially designed ear stems that are sheathed to increase the grip, they are so comfortable that you can barely even feel them! They allow the eye to breathe and are true performers, just as the sportsperson in you.
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    The classics never go out of fashion! These soft and elegant looks made of high quality material add that touch of class and are perfectly comfortable for regular office wear. They provide a mature look that never fails to impress.

    Our corporate range, designed in classic styles that looks soft and streamed line with a smart finish. They provide balanced look and are made of high quality materials to suit every mood and occasion of an individual. Sometimes you wear glasses that don't fit you and feel awkward when you are looking at yourself in the mirror. Buying one from our corporate collection will just be a breeze.

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    We don't define "premium" merely by logos and price tags, but by the sheer quality of the product. Wear your status in timeless styles of eyewear and make a statement of utter class!

    In fact our premium collections are high end products with superior finish and intricate design crafted with top quality raw materials that none the less offer superb value to the user. Coupling heritage with modern design premium collection shows our commitment to bring the best in eye wear to change your lifestyle.

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How To Choose A Frame :

Know your facial features & facial contours.

Know your lens type & lens power.

Select a frame shape that contrasts with your facial shape.

Top edge of the frame front should not go higher than the line of your eyebrows and the lower edge of the frame front should not touch your cheeks, even while you smile.

Frame size should be in scale with your facial width.

Select the frame color that compliments your face complexion and hair color.

Select a frame that exposes your nose as much as possible.

Eyewear Maintenance :

1.Use both hands to wear & remove eyewear.
2.Clean spectacle lens using lens cleaning spray.
3.Wipe the lenses only with microfiber cloth.
4.Clean eyewear with plain water, at least once a day.
5.Visit optician for periodic re-adjustment of your spectacle.
6.Do not leave spectacle face down on a table or any rough surface.
7.Keep spectacle away from heat.
8.Do not put eyewear on top of car dash board.
9. Never apply any abrasives, solvents or any other chemical to eyewear.
10.Replace eyewear at least once a year.

We Advice You To Visit Us :

1.When your eyewear slips down on your nose or hurts behind your ears
2.When your eyewear presses against your temporal face, creating unsightly marks on the temporal skull.
3.When the top rim of the front of your eyewear touches your eyebrows or bottom rim of the front of your eyewear touches your cheek even when you smile.
4.When your eye lash sweeps across the inside surface of your lens.
5.When the nose pads of your eyewear hurts on the sides of your nose.
6.When the front of your eye wear does not follow the contours of the face or alignment of your eye wear is disturbed.

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