10 Tips On How To Protect Your Eyes in This Summer

A pair of eye is considered to be the most astonishing feature of one’s physique through which he can notice the glamour outside. When it comes to protection of eye, everyone has to behave like a responsible being. With passing years the atmosphere is getting more polluted and thus it becomes more essential to take proper eye care. Top 10 tips on how to protect your eyes in this summer are:

Top 10 tips on how to protect your eyes

Wear Sunglasses:

Excess exposure to sunlight irritates cornea and it starts paining due to the direct UV rays from the Sun. One of the easiest ways of protecting eyes is wearing sunglasses. Both Adults and children need to wear sunglasses on sunny days.

Quit Smoking:

Smokers generally develop age-related muscular degeneration, i.e. AMD. AMD has been estimated the most common cause of blindness in the near past and therefore should be quitted for better protection of eyes.

Weight Check:

Weight has a major role to play when it comes to eye protection. Excess weight leads to Type 2 diabetes, which is one of the major causes of blindness. Therefore it is essential to have healthy hygiene.

Fish Oil Supplements:

Omega 3- Fatty acid found in fishes decreases the risk of AMD and therefore serves as an eye protector. It is suggested to have fish twice or thrice a week for eyes to work better.


The more fruits you eat the more your eyes will work properly.


Your meals must include spinach as it is a rich source of lutein and zeaxathin which are powerful antioxidants that help reducing eye disorders.


Twenty to thirty minutes walk everyday is must for every individual for eye protection. Walking reduces weight and provides fitness which is must for eyes to work properly.

Change Makeup:

After every six months, makeup products must be replaced for avoiding risk of infection and other eye related problems.

Contact Lenses: 

For those who wear contact lenses must withdraw them while falling asleep as they can harm eyes on getting misplaced.

Vision Test:

Consulting eye specialist at regular intervals is must as a confirmation of eye working perfect.

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