Bollywood Stars Wearing Sunglasses

Money and glamour go hand in hand. They are indeed inseparable. How can you ever miss noticing your desi actor, actresses sporting great style with the top picks in sunglasses? Bollywood stars wearing latest branded sunglasses is definitely an extended part of their starry ‘look’. Pick any top notch performer and you cannot keep your focus away from their style statement. This style statement of theirs stretches from their clothes to footwear and from their sunglasses to the swag they carry. You cannot mistake it. The masses follow it and overnight it becomes the style mantra for the gentry to emulate.

Akshay Kumar, the hit machine of Bollywood does it with minimal but nails it. When it comes to branded sunglasses, he has scored full marks each time. Whether it is Baby, or Gabbar or Airlift, he kills it with his aviators. His angular and chiselled face is perfectly complimented with these sunglasses and boy! He knows how to flaunt them too. Bollywood stars wearing sunglasses become such sensation that the young of the country instantly sport the look. And if you follow the trend of the celebs well, you will never go wrong with them.

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How can you ever miss the round metal sunglasses look of Shahrukh from Gerua? Winning millions of hearts, he paved the way for countless to put aside their inhibitions and sport bold looks. The blue of the goggles can now be spotted in roadsides. This is a perfect example of how Bollywood stars affect the fashion in the country. Everything that they imbibe in their wardrobe gets absorbed by the public. This involves their costumes and their various accessories too. The exposure to international trends is filtrated to the general people through their favourite stars. Once the fan sees the star wear something, it is imperative that he would wear it too.

Taking from the latest flick- Houseful 3, the first look or the poster revealed saw the cast of the movie sport a ‘blue’ look. The entire poster had been designed keeping in mind the whole ensemble. Not only the clothes were made to synchronize with each other but even the shades of each were blue! This is a perfect example of how accessories like the sunglasses get popular among the people.

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Himalaya Optical stocks the latest from the B-town. You can find sunglasses in stores that your stars have worn in famous movies. Just mention ‘Gerua sunglasses’ or the ‘Houseful Goggles’ on the counter and you will be shown the exact pair. You can now sport the look of your favourite stars and feel connected to them. It is a perfect way to stay trendy too. Follow known Bollywood stars wearing sunglasses and you would be sorted in the case of eye fashion. Buy now to own pairs that Shahrukh and Akshay has!

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