How To Check A Fake Ray Ban

Original RayBan Sunglasses
RayBan Sunglasses

If you know the 5 top ways how to check fake Raybans, you can be spared. You bought Rayban sunglasses and to your horror, they turned out to be unreal. Having to wear sunglasses that have cost you a lot and then figuring that they are not original is the most catastrophic thing for you. It is understandable. One quick fix is to buy from authorized dealers of Rayban like the Himalaya Optical to avoid disappointment.

How to tell if a Rayban is real?

Crafted from a single sheet of acetate, the authentic Rayban is hand polished. Anything substandard is a fake.  When it is the original Rayban, it would have a certain weight. Anything lighter or heavier than that is a fake. Engravings of the logo has to be top-notch, the duplicates will have low quality markings. Also, if the metal hinges on the aviators are of low quality, it is an indication that you are buying from a place where there are fake Raybans for sale. To check fake Raybans is now easy.

Here are 5 Top Ways to Check Fake Raybans

  1. Start by touching the frame. There should not be any rough edges or nicks on the plastic from which the frames have been made.
  2. Owing to the metal supports in the frame, a Rayban has a suitable weight when held in hand. If you had to tell the difference between a real and fake Rayban, steer clear of anything that is lighter.
  3. Make note of the engravings on the frames. The logo has to be of good quality markings.
  4. The original Rayban comes equipped with an informative booklet that has illustrations and more information. Check them to see if they appear duplicated.
  5. There are tell-tales like the manufacturing number or the glasses serial numbers on the arms of the glasses. This is a sure shot method to spot fake Rayban aviators.

The original Rayban will always feel and look different. You just need to be smart enough to check fake Raybans and segregate them. Buy them from reputable stores for added confidence.

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