How to Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome
Computer Vision Syndrome

In the 21st century it is of utmost importance to prevent Computer Vision Syndrome. Almost every task nowadays is related to stressing eyes in front of the computer screen. Consequently to look after the health of eyes come first. Make note of the difficulties that an individual faces while working in front of the glare of the monitor. Only after this you can seek remedies to your problem.

When you put in long hours in front of the computer screen, you may experience symptoms like double vision or blurriness. Sometimes, people also complain of itching in the eyes. At others their eyes hurt. Clinically such a condition of the eyes is termed Aesthenopia. Lack of proper posture and continual work leads to pain in other parts of the body like shoulders and arms. It is time that there must be an end to this recurrent problem.

Steps to Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

It is first important to get in touch with a reputed Computer Vision Clinic or the CVS Clinic. The CVS Clinic at Himalaya Optical rectifies such problems with great success. You would be encouraged to take a comprehensive and complete digital eye examination in the Clinic. This is to rate the optimal health of your eyes. Once this examination is done, a thorough counselling session follows. This also determines your unique work hours and stress. With all the information at hand customized glasses would be prescribed to you. It can successfully alleviate all your problems related to Computer Vision Syndrome.

Tips to Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

You cannot avoid working in front of the personal computer. It has become a complete necessity in today’s times. But you can reduce the stress on your eyes by taking breaks while working. Make sure that you always have the glasses on given to you by your optometrist. It can also be a good idea to stretch your arms and legs from time to time. Light shoulder exercises can keep the shoulder pain at bay. Proper ergonomics while doing such near vision task is also advised.

Eyes are without doubt one of the most important sense organs of the body. Proper heed to it will increase your working capacity.


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